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What is the bond registration process?

04 Jul 2013
When purchasing a home a purchaser may be in a position where they may need to borrow money from a bank to make up the balance of the purchase price. Wh

Brilliant New Initiative!!

18 Jun 2013
Two years ago about 86 000 estate agents were registered in South Africa – today there are fewer than 27 000 and numbers continue to drop. This is

Real Estate Industry Needs To Transform!!

18 Jun 2013
The real estate industry is lagging on transformation, despite it being one in which entrepreneurship can thrive without much reliance on external fundi

Acutts Launches New Website

12 Jun 2013
SOUTH Africa's oldest real estate company Acutts has relaunched its website at a time when Acutts operations director Jonathan Acutt believes more t

Budget and think before you spend

07 May 2013
The cost of living is on the increase. Recent petrol and food price hikes have forced many to take a look at their spending habits and identify where to

Interest in Estate Living Rising

07 May 2013
Article By Press 02 May 2013: Interest in estate living is rising dramatically in the Western Cape. Young families, retirees and foreign buyers are incr

Buy a home close to work, save money

24 Apr 2013
With energy prices increasing faster than the consumer price index, home buyers should consider moving as close to their workplaces as possible. Li

Housing the Nation

14 Apr 2013
AN innovative joint venture between an estate agency, construction group and investment company would see pump R5 billion annually into affordable housi
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